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White Plains

The City of White Plains is a 35 minute train ride into Grand Central Station.  For years White Plains has been an attractive option for folks looking to escape the insane prices in Brooklyn and Manhattan while still living in close proximity to the Big Apple in a vibrant City full of restaurants, shops, and even a full shopping mall (The Galleria).  The City is the home to the Westchester County government and the City draws in many workers during the day.

With the continued rise in housing prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, there’s been considerable growth in building in White Plains.  The City has created four miles of bike paths through White Plains and is encouraging ride sharing and car sharing companies like Zip Car to set up shop.  There’s a big push to bring in Millenials in hopes that they will pump life into the City and revenue into Westchester County.

The median sales price in early 2017 was $688K and the average sale price came in at $776K.  White Plains has many small and medium sized single family homes but the lion’s share of building has been going on in downtown where condominiums and luxury rental apartments are going up and proposed projects include massive amounts of mixed use space in and around the train station on Ferris Avenue.

For information on the schools in White Plains visit the official website.  For details on parks and the local government visit the City of White Plains.

There are multiple sections for shopping and dining throughout the City.  The City, like many, is full of chains.  You’ll find Starbucks, Melting Pot, and Buffalo Wild Wings.  But you’ll also find outposts of popular City restaurants like Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, BLT Steak, and Sarafina.  And for those looking for something different, you’ll find some mom and pop establishments as well.

If you’re looking for a large City feel with lower prices than Manhattan and a shorter commute than Stamford you should look at White Plains.  If you decide to look at White Plains as a potential home be in touch and if you make a daytrip check out some of these local spots.