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Port Chester

Port Chester?  Ok, think Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights (five years ago)- but now think if it was on the water.  The trip on Metro North will take you about 43 minutes at best on an express train to get into Grand Central.  Incidentally a trip from Prospect Heights to the City can easily take that long as well.  The town has a funky, urban feel.  The vast majority of the commercial district is made up of old mom and pop stores, barber shops, restaurants, and bodegas.  When you look carefully you’ll find new investors are starting to come in and grab up the commercial space.  This is both in the form of new indie restaurateurs but also big box stores.   A new development on the water includes a multiplex theater as well as big name commercial businesses.  As Westchester goes, Port Chester is becoming a food mecca- or maybe it’s already become one.  It offers multiple hipster taco haunts like and Banditos Tacos and Bar Taco and some guy named Batali opened up a joint in town too.  Hmm.

Banditos Tacos


bar taco

The town is also the home to the Capital Theater.  The Capital is a live music venue that has been getting quite a resurgence in popularity with the migration of hipsters to the town.  Big name musicians are also interested in performing in a this famous venue (popular during the 1960s.)  Artists like Beiruit, Wilco, Phil Lesh, Explosions in the Sky and comedians like Amy Schumer have taken stage here in recent months.  Its proximity right next to the MTA stop makes it a great place to meet up with friends from the City or from other parts of Westchester.

Port Chester is unofficially divided into seven neighborhoods, located north and south of Westchester Avenue, Port Chester’s main east-west street.

North of Westchester Avenue:

  • Brooksville
  • Tower Hill
  • Colonial Ridge (Area of Puritan Drive)
  • Alden Estate (Area of Quintard Drive)
  • Rye Brook (Village in town of Rye)
  • Washington Park

South of Westchester Avenue:

  • Downtown
  • The Bowery (South Main Street/ Grace Church Street from the square to Midland Avenue including all the streets off of and including Purdy Avenue)
  • Edgeland (Area served by Midland Avenue and upper Grace Church Street)
  • Purdy’s Grove

Port Chester has five main parks including Abendroth Park (10 acres including a dog run), Columbus Park (9 acre park with basketball, volleyball courts, two playgrounds, a picnic area with grills, a summertime water spray playground, a turf soccer field), Crawford Park (soccer, tee-ball, softball), Edgewood Park (3 acres with baseball field and small playground), Joseph Curtis Recreation Park (7 acres with small playground, baseball field, roller skating rink, and BOCCE courts), Lyon Park: (20 acres with two Little League fields, a playground, and the historic Bush-Lyon Homestead)

Within the city’s borders, there is one public schooldistrict, the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District.  There are massive changes on the horizon for Port Chester.  Literally hundreds of condo units are being planned and Starwood is working on bringing in a hotel into the waterfront area.  A recent NY Times article explores some of the possibilities and challenges the town is facing right now with the influx of hipsters from Manhattan and Brooklyn.  For more on Port Chester visit the official town website.

If you’re interested in learning more about Port Chester or checking out some homes be in touch.  If you are spending the day in Port Chester here are a few places to stop for a bite to eat.