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New Rochelle

New Rochelle is a large city in the South eastern portion of Westchester.  The City is approximately a 31 minute train ride (express) to Grand Central Station on Metro North.  It actually also is on the Amtrak path as well so relatives visiting from up north or down south have an easy option for travel into the City.  New Rochelle takes up just over 10 miles and has over 70,000 residents. The City has multiple personalities and may appeal to many homeowners for that reason.

New Rochelle is a college town (with both Iona and the College of New Rochelle) in the City limits. The area around Iona is undergoing a Renaissance with a great deal of new restaurants popping up in walking distance and the school is, itself, getting new dormitories.  The area around Iona offers good value for those looking for a vibrant section of New Rochelle.  This section is not really walkable to the MTA station.

New Rochelle is also a country club setting (the North section). There’s a reason professional basketball players and baseball players like the Yankee’s former closer, Mo Rivera call Wykagyl home. Beautiful early 1900’s homes, a suburban feel and easy access to the train make this a good choice for people looking for large, private lots, with close proximity to Manhattan.  The only glitch is this section of New Rochelle is not walkable to the train or to many stores.  But if’ you’re looking for a larger lot and more seclusion, this may be an option for you.

New Rochelle is a yacht club City (with many million and multi-million dollar homes along the long Island sound in the south).  There are both fancy yacht clubs and small low key neighborhood associations that provide moorings to their community members. This area is a long walk to the train station as well.

New Rochelle is an urban City (in the South with many co-ops and condos down near the water that are walkable to shops and the Metro North).  Even the Donald took an early shot on regenerating the Downtown City center with his Trump Tower at New Roc City (NRC).  NRC is a planned development with an IMAX theater, Kids’ play space, bowling, restaurants, and big box stores.

No matter where you live you’ll be able to hop on the New Rochelle Metro North Station Stop and be at Grand Central in about 35 minutes. The only area that really allows walking to the train is NRC.  Unlike in other towns you can easily purchase a parking spot at the New Rochelle train station for somewhere around $200/month.

For more info on New Rochelle visit the City’s official page 

If you’re visiting New Rochelle you should note the commercial areas are really spread out in this City.  Wykagl has it’s own little commercial nexus.  The Iona area has a growing commercial section and Downtown/New Roc City has restaurants and stores opening too.  Most of the sit down restaurants are popping up around Iona so I’d suggest locating yourself in that area if you were going to do dinner (unless it’s at Deanna’s Pizza on North Ave which offers many different pizzas, calzones, in this pay and sit down pizza joint).  Below is a selection from the different neighborhoods if you hop around.  Let me know if I can show you some homes or learn more about the area.