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The three square mile village of Mamaroneck lies on the Long Island Sound approximately a 42 minute express Metro North Train ride from Midtown Manhattan (23 miles).  Ok, so you’re going to have to stay with me for a minute on this one, but to me Mamaroneck’s downtown section kinda reminds me of Santa Monica, CA.  Sure, there’s no Eames House to visit and true, it’s on Long Island Sound, not the Pacific Ocean but when I drive east on Mamaroneck Ave (one of Mamaroneck’s “Main Streets”) it feels pretty similar to Santa Monica’s main commercial street.  It’s a mixture of fancier eateries, chain restaurants, and old time shops that end at the water.  In this case it’s the Long Island sound, but the vibe is definitely a seaside town and not like any of the towns in the Hamptons.  If I’m going to go closer to home I’m going to compare it to Long Island’s Port Washington, but with fewer vacant store fronts.  If neither of those analogies mean anything to you here’s one more try.  Mamaroneck is a port town with a long downtown commercial street made up of an eclectic mix of chain stores/restaurants, mom and pop joints, and some hipster eateries.

The village includes over 2800 free standing homes (including many historic homes) and condo complexes.    The coast is dotted with mansions that have led some to compare it to the Cliff Walk mansion stretch in Newport, RI.  Mamaroneck was once a location where the wealthy from New York City kept their summer homes.  These homes primarily lie within the Orienta, Shore Acres, and Greenhaven neighborhoods.  That being said, as of early 2017, the median house sale price in Mamaroneck was $1.31 million.   So, as you can imagine, the housing prices vary drastically depending on where you are looking in Mamaroneck.

To make things more confusing, the eastern portion of the town is nicknamed “Rye Neck” which has it’s own school district and is technically a portion of the town of Rye.  For more info on this school district take a look at the  Rye Neck Union Free School District in the City of Rye.  The southern and western parts of the village form some of the Mamaroneck Union Free School District; the remainder of the Mamaroneck Union Free School District covers all of the village of Larchmont, as well as most of the Town of Mamaroneck’s unincorporated areas.  The village of Mamaroneck is protected by five exclusively volunteer fire companies of the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department.

Mamaroneck has a variety of playgrounds, parks including the beautiful Harbor Island Park which includes a beach, sporting facilities and opportunities for pleasure boating along Long Island Sound.  For someone looking for a port side home with good proximity to Manhattan take a drive or a train north to Mamaroneck and check out some of these local spots.  If you want to get more info on the area or see some homes let me know.