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Live Music/Comedy

Is there as much live music or comedy going on in Westchester as the City?  No way.  No surprise there, right.  Ok, now that we have that over with.  Who cares?  First, you have some really solid venues that are attracting big talent in music and comedy to Westchester.  And honestly, if you need to catch a show in the City, remember, you may be as close as 25 minutes from Grand Central courtesy of your local Metro North Train Station.  How far was it from Prospect Heights to the Lower East Side again?  Wait?  It’s around 40 minutes on the subway from Brooklyn?  Yup.  Maybe it’s worth trading that 2 bedroom up to a 5 with a yard and a grill and no bedbugs.

As for music, the grand dame of Westchester is arguably the The Capitol Theater in Portchester.  I reference this venue in my column on the town.  The Capitol gets acts like the Pixies, Phil Lesh, Wilco, Amy Schumer, and many more.  It’s basically the same crowd that plays at the Beacon in the City, only you get a more varied collection of artists at the Capitol.   Another great spot is the Emlin Theater in Mamaroneck.  While it doesn’t get as many big names as The Capitol, you will catch both kids’ performances (I believe Pete the Cat will be making an appearance soon) along with established comedians like Robert Klein and musicians like Dar Williams and bluegrass legends, the Seldom Scene.

And here’s a hidden gem you haven’t heard about.  Check out the Bayou in Fleetwood.  The Bayou is like many of the smaller restaurants in Westchester that also get live music.  What’s unique about the Bayou is it also happens to be the best Cajun food outside of the Crescent City.  Oh, and did I mention that they have the Grammy Winning Zydeco Muscian CJ Chenier play every Fat Tuesday.  I was there this year and I can tell you the place feels like you’ve walked into the Spotted Cat or DBA on Frenchman Street.  Most of the time they have decent cover bands playing but keep an eye on their calendar and by all means do not forget to stop in for dinner.

For more intimate comedy settings check out Rockwell’s in Pelham.  The place feels like Gotham or the Cellar in the City.  There’s also a new venue in Yonkers at Ridge Hill called, Ha Comedy Club.  Ha is new and located in the very shiny Ridge Hill Shopping open air mall.  It’s appearing to be a bigger player for comics.  They are getting acts that typically play in the City at Carolines.

Again, this isn’t everything, but it’s a start.  Check these out.