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Fro Yo and Joe’s Pizza (Arguably the best in Westchester)

Fleetwood is the northern section of the City of Mount Vernon.  It has its own “Fleetwood” train station (one of three stations in the City of Mount Vernon) and it is approximately 24 minutes by Metro North to Grand Central Station.  The town is made up of three commercial streets including Gramatan Avenue which offers mom and pop owned bars, restaurants (Italian, Cuban, American, Asian Fusion, Sushi, Bagels, Pizza, Memphis Style BBQ, and even Cajun).  It’s a wonderfully diverse selection of restaurants and is just a terrific low key community.

While you have a large CVS just off the main street, there are two locally owned competitor pharmacies servicing the section of Mount Vernon.  It’s very much still a small business owner town.  Speaking as a resident, it’s an oddity as Fleetwood feels partially like a small town and at other times it feels like an extension of New York City.

Eat Here! Dinner At The Bayou

Fleetwood’s housing stock includes many cooperative apartments (most on or around Gramatan Avenue) and single family homes.  Cooperatives are very attractively priced, in many cases at about 1/3 of the price (or lower) of a similarly sized apartment in neighboring Bronxville.

The majority of the houses in Fleetwood are quite old properties, many dating back to the early 1900’s.  Thus, for someone looking for an older home with details, Fleetwood may be a good place for you to look.  Colonials, Dutch Colonials, and Tudors abound.  Prices are far lower than in other areas of Westchester.  Taxes are comparable to New Rochelle.

Fleetwood once was the home to many big wigs from the film industry when much of the industry was run out of New York City some 100+ years ago.  Thus, some of the houses here are literally mansions.  James Bailey of the Barnum and Bailey Circus lived in Mount Vernon on a massive estate where he allegedly let his elephants roam.  That estate has been cut up into many plots by now.  If you are looking for a big home, you will not be hard pressed to find an eight bedroom house in this community if you want one.

The southern section of Mount Vernon has an urban feel, resembling it’s neighbor the Bronx.  It is very different from the sleepy, suburban feeling Fleetwood.  Mount Vernon recently elected a new mayor, Richard Thomas.  With Thomas has come a lot of hope for a City that saw a great deal of commercial departure since the riots of the 1960s.

What’s happening here now is pretty exciting.  There are several big rental and condo developments going up throughout Mount Vernon.  A huge condo and commercial complex is approved for building in 2017 in Fleetwood.  There are a few large commercial and residential projects ongoing near the East and West train stations in Mount Vernon as well.

The Real Deal (real estate magazine) just ran a piece in early 2017 about Westchester or what they are calling, “Hipsturbia”.  Indeed, there are multiple projects which will show significant vertical growth in towns around Westchester including Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, and Tuckahoe.  If you’re looking for a vibrant community with close proximity to Manhattan at good value you should look at Fleetwood.

For more information on Mount Vernon check out the City’s website.  For details on Fleetwood check out the Fleetwood Neighborhood Association’s site.

If you visit Fleetwood (one stop closer to the City than Bronxville) hit these great spots.  If you want to learn more about the neighborhood or see some homes let me know.