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Eastchester includes both the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe within its town limits.  The town is approximately a 45 minute Metro North Rail ride into Grand Central Station and takes up five square miles.  While the town encompasses Bronxville, it has a far less tony feel from its village.  Like many other towns in Westchester, Eastchester has a commercial main street (“Main Street” which becomes “White Plains Road” as you travel north). It’s dotted with mom and pop restaurants, stores, an independent beer brewery with tasting room (Broken Bow Brewery), and a pilates studio.  Chain grocery stores, department stores (Lord and Taylor), coffee shops (Starbucks), and other boutiques lie within the town limits as well.  So, despite not currently having the volume of the popular hipster coffee shops and restaurants that you find in other towns like Port Chester, Hastings, and Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester offers a lot of decent shopping and service options for townies.

Technically in Tuckahoe,-Check out the Bow

In terms of green space, the town includes Twin Lakes County Park (operated by the Westchester County Department of Parks).  Twin Lakes has many trails, wildlife, horse stables, and a lake (not two oddly).  Lake Isle Country Club is an open to the public country club.  It offers both resident and non-resident memberships which can include golf, pool, and tennis.  They are also a year round tennis facility when they bubble their hard courts.

As of early 2017 the median house sale price was $722K, making it a good value location.   In all likelihood you won’t find a NY Times article encouraging you to hop on a Metro North Train bound for Eastchester to kill a Sunday afternoon having brunch and milling through smart shops selling ironic merchandise- Yet.  I say yet because Eastchester has everything needed to take this town from a more typical suburban area to a Park Slope or Williamsburg relocation spot.  Did I mention there is a craft brewery with tasting room in town?  Pilates studio?  Oh, and maybe check out Fjord to pick up some fresh fish.  I seem to remember a pretty plain little part of Brooklyn over near Williamsburg.  What was that place called?  Oh yeah, Greenpoint.  What happened to that part of town again?

For more information on the Town of Eastchester check out the official site.

If you’re visiting check out some of the following spots.  If you want to learn more about the area or see some properties just drop me a line.