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If someone polled 100 people on what they know about Chappaqua, my guess is many of them are going to say it’s the home of the Clintons.  And they’d be right.  Chappaqua is also a hamlet in the town of New Castle in Northern Westchester. It lies on the eastern bank of the Hudson River about 30 miles north of Manhattan in a lovely wooded area.  The train will take you about 50 minutes to reach Grand Central on the Metro North.

To date, it’s felt like a remote, small town.  It’s this small town feel with indie coffee shops, restaurants, concerts in a town park gazeebo and even a “Take It Or Leave It Shed”  (where residents can drop off items they want to give away for others to swap for free) that led so many folks to resist the idea of the proposed Chappaqua Crossing development project on what was previously the Reader’s Digest Corporate Campus.  After several years of resistance, the project is going forward and Chappaqua will be welcoming a cultural center, Whole Foods, new retail shops, fitness location, 500,000 square feet of rental office space, 91 luxury townhomes, 50 acres of green space and a whole lot of new commercial tax dollars through the Chappaqua Crossing.    What will this mean to the small hamlet?  Time will tell.  They broke ground on the project in 2016.

Chappaqua offers small homes in close walking distance to the business center which is filled with great indie coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants.  For those looking for something bigger you do not need to look far.  Huge properties and classic early 20th Century homes can be found in developments scattered throughout the hamlet.

The hamlet offers many options for activities including its hiking trails and parks, sports fields and the Chappaqua Swim and Tennis Club.  For more information on the resources check out the website for the town of New Castle  (Chappaqua lies within the Town of New Castle.)  The Chappaqua Library is a great resource and provides many opportunities for its residents throughout the year.  For more information on the schools visit the sites for primary education at the Chappaqua Central School District  and upper school at Horace Greenley High School .

If you’re going to spend some time kicking the tires on Chappaqua here are a few suggestions.  If you want to see some houses in the area or learn more about the neighborhoods please be in touch.