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The Village of Bronxville (10708 zip) is located about 15 miles north of Manhattan.  It’s part of the town of Eastchester and takes up approximately 1 square mile.  Bronxville Train Station, which is on the Metro North Harlem line, is located in the Village Center.  A trip into Grand Central from the Bronxville station is only 32 minutes on the Metro North.

The town is historic, with beautiful single family, town homes, and cooperative apartment dwellings.  Bronxville is walkable, with several commercial blocks providing many bars, restaurants, high-end independent boutiques and a few chain stores found in Manhattan (like Blue Mercury and Papyrus.)  There is a Starbucks as well as a really great indie coffee house I’m reluctant to tell you about (“Slave to the Grind”), as well as an art house cinema.  Bronxville has its own Hospital in the town as well and there is a local Acme supermarket which stocks many specialty items including organic fruits and vegetables and a Natural Food Market which has a selection of fresh and packaged organic foods.  It should be noted that if you’re anywhere in southern Westchester you’ll be within 10 minutes or so of a Fairway (Pleham) or Whole Foods (Yonkers/Ridge Hill).

Bronxville has over 70 acres of parkland including athletic fields, woodlands, and a part of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation.  The Reservation offers ponds, wooden bridges and many varieties of native trees and options for bicycling, walking, running, and nature study. Locals often call it “The Duck Pond.”

Home prices vary dramatically but houses walkable to the town run from around 2 million up to 15 million in the “Hill Section.”  Many of the homes in the Hill Section are historic, designed by famous architects.  At one point Bronxville was an artists’ colony.  Co-operatives are pricey and boards are selective, in some cases requiring all cash buyers with no bank financing to join the cooperative.  But don’t be deterred if you want to get into Bronxville and are open to an apartment.  You can find occasional two bedroom co-ops in the Village for 300K.

For those interested in having access to the Bronxville train station and the resources of the town (including the fantastic library or the Bronxville Field Club) but not interested in paying the Village prices and taxes, some look to the surrounding neighborhoods of Fleetwood (Mount Vernon) and Yonkers.  Both neighborhoods offer beautiful homes, lower taxes, proximity to the Village, and come at much lower price tags.

For more information on Yonkers or Fleetwood (where I live) check out their dedicated pages.  For more information on Bronxville visit the Village’s official website or a useful wiki entry.

If you’re going to stop in and visit Bronxville consider checking out these spots.  If you’d like to look at an estate, townhome, or a co-op in Bronxville or the surrounding areas be in touch.