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About this Daddy

If you found this site, I hope it’s helpful.  If you are thinking of relocating to Westchester, give me a call.  I’m a broker at Houlihan Lawrence, I’m a parent, and I’d love to help you find a home up here.  I live in Fleetwood in the City of Mount Vernon with my wife, our two daughters, dachshund, and cat.  We relocated from Claremont Avenue in Morningside Heights in Manhattan, oddly, to Claremont Avenue in Westchester.  We love the community and it was our experience hunting for a house for ourselves that led me to start working in Real Estate in Westchester at Houlihan Lawrence.

It was that same experience of trying to figure out a neighborhood that suited our needs and personalities that sent me to the web looking for a website resource for people considering moving themselves or their families to Westchester.  Unfortunately at that time I didn’t find any sites that provided both helpful resources for parents looking at or living in Westchester and information about the many different towns, villages, and cities in the County.  So, this is my shot to create a hub.  It’s a work in progress.  I welcome your feedback, questions, and thoughts.

Before working in real estate with Houlihan Lawrence, I worked as an attorney at a large Manhattan law firm.  I’ve also worked in Hollywood writing for Disney Animation and in film production.  My work in both of these industries provide me with significant contacts within the AmLaw 100 Legal world and celebrity Hollywood.  I retain contacts from these industries who look for luxury residential and commercial investment opportunities.

I hope you find this site useful or, at a minimum, amusing.  If you have questions just ask.  If this site sparks an interest in looking at homes in Westchester let me know.  Regardless feel free to be in touch!